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Jute rug two tone 60x90
Jute rug two tone 60x90

Jute rug two tone 60x90

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Beautiful Carpet in jute material in two-colored nature pattern. The carpet measures 60 x 90 cm.

The weaving technique and the combination of the natural tones form a beautiful and calm yet graphic pattern that fits well in both the hallway, the kitchen, and the living room.

This jute carpet is made of natural jute fibers braided together to create a strong and durable carpet. The natural hemp fibers are soft to the touch and the rug is ideal for bringing warmth to your home.

Jute carpets by Tine K Home are made from 100% natural fibers and each individual carpet has been hand braided. Slight variations in colors and texture will occur.

Please be aware: The color of the jute carpet can be changed/affected over time by direct sunlight or natural colorants from spills of food and liquid.

Care: Only vacuum clean this carpet. The threads of the rug are delicate and can break if stretched or shaken.

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